Would you LOVE to have your own website but aren’t ready to make the commitment of an arm and a leg not to mention that all the techy stuff scares the begeez out of you? Are you tired of looking at the logo your brother's friend's cousin did for free but you don't want to shell out TONS of money for something spiffy and new?

That is why I developed my new website Moxie Pear Design - to solve all of these questions for you in a fun and easy way...no techy stuff involved - pinky swear!

I have been helping small handmade and creative business for 9+ years and while working on custom projects has been a blessing, I was yearning for something more...something that would reach a larger audience. I want to be able to help as many people as possible to start, grow and rock out their own business. So that is why I have remade Moxie Pear Creative into Moxie Pear Design...a new design service that works with small businesses on a budget!